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    With a diverse client base

    We have the experience to provide expert accounting advice to clients in many fields of business, occupations, and organizations.

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    Although Churches may not need to file income taxes, the accuracy of their accounting remains very important. We have years of experience handling ministry records, as well as the unique rules involved in tax return filings for Ministers.

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    We help busy Builders, Plumbers, and Electricians sort through the myriad of records and help them organize them into coherent documents suitable for management to understand and report to the IRS.

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    We have expert knowledge to provide accounting advice to farmers, who have unique challenges in expenses and record-keeping.

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    Individuals and Families

    And of course we also handle tax accounting and reporting for busy individuals and families.

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    Various Others

    We also have experience in providing accounting expertise for various other types of businesses, including: Restaurants, Manufacturers, Daycare Centers, Retail Stores, Dentists, and Pharmacies, to name just a few.

We believe in the value of relationships. We view every client relationship like a partnership, and truly believe that our success is a result of your success.

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Accounting Services

Including: Bookkeeping/write-up, Consulting services, Business entity selection, Retirement planning

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Financial Statements

Including: Cash flow and budgeting analysis, Financial forecasts and projections

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Tax Services

Including: All reporting, IRS Representation and Tax Planning

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